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Procedure for Entrance to Japan

Procedure for Entrance to Japan

1.Obtaining a Passport

Entrance to JapanA passport must be obtained in accordance with the procedue in your native country.It may be necessary to obtain permission to enter a Japanese language institute in some countries.

It is not possible to obtain a visa without a valid passport.Having a valid passport does not give automatic approval to obtain a visa.


2.Application/Issuance of Certificate of Eligibility Certificate

It is beneficial to ontain a Residence Approval Certificate of Eligibility before applying for a visa. In Japan, Japanese language institute act on behalf of applicants in makibg applications for this certificate of eligibility at regional immigration bureaus or their branchs.

The screening deals with such matters as whether the applicant's real intention is to study in Japan, whether the educational institute has any problems, and whether the applicant has sufficient resources to cover tuition and living expenses. The certificate will not be issued if the applicant's real purpose is to work.

The time period from application to granting of this Certificate of Eligibility is aboout 2 to 3 months. The documents required for the application of this Certificate of Eligibility is the following. For more detail refer to the procedures for entrance of the specific school:

Application form
-2 photographs(about 4cm high * 3cm wide)
-Passport or copy of travel certificate(if one is possessed)
-Copy of the school entrance approval
-Graduation certificate or document clarifying personal history
-Proof of sufficient funds to live in Japan
In cases where someone other than the applicant will cover expenses, a document explaining why that person will cover the expenses.
-Future objectives for the student after graduation (document showing resons for entering Japan.
-Letter of guarantee by the person living in Japan.

Entrance to JapanIn the case when the institution at which the applicant intends to receive education serves as the personal guarantor(institutional guarantor), the applicant is requested to submit a document showing the name of institution and its representive.
There are cases where documentaton other than the above stated is required.

The Certificate of Eligibility must be used in an application to arrive in Japan within 3 months from the day of issue, or the effectiveness is lost.

3.Obtaining a Visa

Submit passport, visa applicaion, institute entrance approval certificate, identification and other necessary documents at the Japanese embassy/consulate to apply a visa to enter Japan. If a Certificate of Eligibility has been received it is a good idea to include the Certificate of Eligibility and the passport with the visa application.

As previously expressed, a visa is generally only issued to those students entering a Japanese language education institute published in this directory. Even with the institute entrance approval from these institute, the issue of a visa is not an automatic process. Even with the approval of the institute there may be problems with the student or guarantor.

Entrance to JapanIt is impossible to change to a "Shugaku(Pre-college Student)" status in the case of indiniduals who have entered Japan with a "Tanki-Taizai(Temporary Visitor)" status. This also applies to those who have entered Japan from coutries having a reciprocal visa agreement with Japan. If these inddividuals want to study at a Japanese language education institute in Japan, they must leave Japan, acquire a certificate of eligibility to a status of residence, again obtain a proper visa, and then reenter Japan.

4.Landing (Entering Japan)

Visa, passport, Certificate of Eligibility and oter documents must be presented(or submitted) at the Japanese port of entry. From the results of teh inspection at Immigrations the entrance to Japan is approved of disapproved. In the case of approval, the residence qualification and period are decided and the entrance is completd. In the case of "Shugaku(Pre-college Student)" status, the period of stay is normally set at 6 months. Immediately after entering Japan, please notify the Japanese language education institute that you will attend of your arival.


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